How To Get The Best Quality Photo For Your Custom Order

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You Want an Amazing Quality Product, Right? So Do We!

We can only perform our magic when we are given the right tools for the job. In our case, our best tools are the images you provide.

Our language is pixels. Without the original high quality image, our magic just doesn’t work.

What We Need From You

The best image you can provide us is the unedited raw image. NO edit, NO cropping. Automatic or easy-to-use apps do not support high-resolution images. They lose pixels that we need to create your amazing artwork. Don’t worry about that messy room, the photo bomber in the background, or the half-eaten bone your fur baby dropped right before you snapped that gorgeous picture, we can edit that out for you! Just tell us what you want and leave the editing and graphic design to us. We’ve got you covered.

  • Clear image
    High Resolution, High Detail Clear Photo
  • Lots of detail in picture when zoomed in
    High Resolution, High Detail lots of details

High-resolution images are pictures or photos where the media has higher concentrations of pixels or dots, resulting in better quality and clarity of the image, for us to edit, reshape, resize, and create your personalised masterpiece.

Low Resolution, Low Detail

  • Blurry Image
    Low Resolution, Low Detail blurry photo
  • Poor detail when zoomed in
    Low Resolution, Low Detail Poor photo

Low-resolution images are pictures, screenshots, or edits where the media has lower concentrations of pixels or dots, resulting in poor quality and blurry images. We cannot use these to create your amazing, personalised products.

Providing the Right Images

To ensure we are providing you with the best product, please provide us with the original photo or picture, taken directly with your phone or camera in the highest possible supported resolution size your device supports.

Images We Cannot Use

Examples of pictures or photos we cannot use include screenshots, images downloaded off social media, images sent or taken via social media platforms (SnapChat, Messenger etc.), edits using phone apps like Canva, background erase etc., photos that have been cropped or zoomed after capturing, photos taken with obstructions like windows or fly-screens, photos of an image that is on another device or another printed image.

Images We Can Use

Examples of photos we can use include images taken on a digital camera, images taken on your phone using the highest resolution settings. Images in high resolution where Joe walked behind your amazing family shot and you need him removed, high-resolution images where 90+% of your puppy made it in the photo but his gorgeous ear is missing, it's okay we can work magic and move pixels to give it back to him. Images in high resolution that are slightly dark and you want it brightened up.

We can only work our magic with what you provide us. Our Pixel dust is magic, but it's not made for miracles.