We are a 100% Australian-owned business located in Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia.


Decorating a home is a fun experience, and at Little Squiffy, we want the shopping experience to be equally enjoyable. We offer you a user-friendly and seamless way to shop for quilt covers through our online store. Furthermore, we boast a world-class customer service team who will ensure that your home decorating experience encounters no hiccups.

As you seek to transform your room and mark the change of seasons, we will be right there supporting you with our wide range of quilt covers.


While we are based in Australia, our products are not exclusive only to the Australasian market. We are proud to supply the whole world with high-quality quilt covers. Our design palettes indulge in both local and international designs.


We work with a team of stylists, textile artists, graphic designers, and product managers, all working tirelessly to curate designs, textures, and patterns that are not only stunning but of the highest quality too - cutting across the entire product range.

They are not afraid to push boundaries and constantly explore new techniques.

We boast varied yet extensive production skills, enabling us to transform our design ideas into reality.

Our inspiration and drive are rooted in our Australian ownership, which we take pride in. However, it is also accompanied by a sense of responsibility, as we are tasked with ensuring our products and services are on par with Australian and global standards.

We don’t just cater to your needs as a customer - we offer you an experience. This stems from our Australian culture, built on honesty, fairness, integrity, value for money, standing by our word, high-quality products and service, and of course, Mate-ship.


As a lifestyle company, our goal is to bring you quality products that will enhance your enjoyment of your home. We aim to unlock the doors to a world full of color and rich patterns through our designs and products. As an international company, we search around the globe for the most exquisite qualities to incorporate into our products.


If you have any questions about our products, shipping, or general concerns, our team can be contacted through info@LittleSquiffy.com.au, and your concerns will be addressed.