Artist's Wanted

Calling All Creative Wizards!

Hey there, you creative whizzes and artistic wizards!

Are you the kind of artist who sees the world through technicolor glasses? Do you paint outside the lines and dance to the beat of your own brush strokes? Well, guess what? We're on the hunt for talented souls just like you!

Join the Little Squiffy Family

Here at Little Squiffy, we're all about celebrating those who bring a funky twist to life's canvas. Whether you're a master of surreal landscapes, a sculptor of whimsical wonders, or a maestro of pop art pizzazz, we want to see what you've got!

So, if you've got a portfolio that's bursting with personality and oozing with originality, we want to hear from you! Send your dazzling creations our way at, and let's make some magic together!

Let's Get Creative!

We can't wait to feast our eyes on your imaginative wonders and get seriously amped about the possibility of collaborating with you. Let's turn up the creativity dial to eleven and paint the town vibrant!

Cheers to art that's as wild and wonderful as life itself! 🎨✨