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We are 100% Australian owned business located in Port Macquarie Nsw, Australia.
Decorating a home is a fun experience and at Little Squiffy, We want the shopping experience to be equally fun. We offer you a user friendly and seamless way to shop for quilt covers through our online shop. Furthermore, we boast of a world class customer service personnel who will see to it that your home decorating experience encounters no hiccups.

As you seek to transform your room and mark the change of seasons, we will be right there supporting you with our wide range of quilt covers.


Our Blogs

Top 8 Cute Beach Towels to Brighten Your Summer Days
Embark on a beach adventure with Little Squiffy's top 8 adorable beach towels, each offering a unique charm to enhance your summer days. From the oceanic allure of the Blue Turtles and playful Dolphins of the Sea towels to the serene Mandala Heavens and elegant Luminescent Marble designs, there's a style for every beach lover.
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Where To Buy Aussie Animal Blanket
Looking for where to buy Aussie animal blankets? Little Squiffy offers a captivating collection of blankets featuring iconic Australian wildlife, from the playful cockatoo to the mysterious platypus. Each piece brings a slice of the Aussie outback into your living space, combining comfort with the unique charm of Australia's fauna. Perfect for anyone eager to infuse their home with the spirit of Australia's diverse wildlife, these blankets are soft, cozy, and richly vibrant, making them ideal for gifts or personal use.
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What Quilt Covers Are the Softest? And Why Does It Matter?
Discover the true factors that make bed sheets soft, focusing on performance sleep fabrics like Peachskin SMART, which offers moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic qualities and superior softness. Learn why high thread count is not the sole determinant of softness and how features such as breathability and durability contribute to the ultimate sleep experience.
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How to Make Your Room Attractive With Wall Hangers Ideas
Discover the art of decorating with wall hangers to add style, personality, and functionality to any room. From gallery walls showcasing your favorite art to the lush greenery of plant hangers, floating shelves for your treasures, and unique DIY creations, these ideas cater to a wide range of tastes and styles. Embrace the versatility of tapestries, make a statement with large focal pieces, illuminate your space with stylish lighting, or display your hobbies and cultural pieces with pride. These tips will guide you through making your room not just a space but a reflection of your individuality and creativity.
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Colour Revolution: The Ultimate Guide to Tie-Dye Bedding
Dive into the vibrant world of tie-dye bedding and blankets, where every swirl and pattern tells a story of creativity and comfort. This comprehensive guide unveils the timeless appeal of tie-dye in home decor, offering insights into choosing the perfect pieces to transform your sleeping space into a haven of color and tranquility. Discover the best materials, care tips, and styling ideas to infuse your bedroom with the joyful spirit of tie-dye, ensuring both style and durability. Whether you're a fan of subtle pastels or bold, energetic designs, find out how tie-dye bedding and blankets can add a personal touch to your home, making every night's sleep an adventure in comfort and color.
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