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We are 100% Australian owned business located in Port Macquarie Nsw, Australia.
Decorating a home is a fun experience and at Little Squiffy, We want the shopping experience to be equally fun. We offer you a user friendly and seamless way to shop for quilt covers through our online shop. Furthermore, we boast of a world class customer service personnel who will see to it that your home decorating experience encounters no hiccups.

As you seek to transform your room and mark the change of seasons, we will be right there supporting you with our wide range of quilt covers.


Our Blogs

Mastering Bathroom Cleanliness: 9 Essential Tips for a Fresh and Hygienic Space
Achieving and maintaining a clean and hygienic bathroom is crucial for a healthy and comfortable home environment. Our expert tips cover everything from daily maintenance routines to deep cleaning strategies, helping you keep your bathroom sparkling and fresh. By following these expert recommendations, you can enjoy a pristine bathroom space that promotes well-being and relaxation for you and your family.
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Choosing Between Inside or Outside: Where to Place Your Shower Curtain
Deciding where to place your shower curtain, inside or outside the bathtub, involves weighing personal preference and practicality. Inside placement is common, minimizing water splashing and airflow obstruction. Conversely, outside placement can create a spacious feel but risks water on the floor. Experiment with both to find what suits your bathroom best.
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Caring for Your Custom Photo Blanket: A Wash and Care Guide

This guide provides essential information on how to properly wash and care for custom photo blankets, ensuring their longevity and the preservation of precious memories. It addresses common concerns about washability, detailing machine washing instructions, recommended temperatures, drying methods, and the importance of avoiding harsh chemicals like bleach and fabric softeners. By following these tailored care instructions, owners can maintain the softness, vibrancy, and integrity of their photo blankets, making them a durable and cherished item for years to come.

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Guide to Ordering Your Custom Shaped Pet Pillow
Ordering a custom-shaped pet pillow from Little Squiffy is a delightful way to cherish your furry friend. Start with a clear, well-lit photo of your pet, visit Little Squiffy's website, and choose the perfect pillow type. Upload your photo, add any special customisation details, and place your order. Awaiting the arrival of your cuddly pet replica is the final step before you can enjoy this unique and heartwarming addition to your home, a cosy token of your love for your pet, crafted with care by Little Squiffy.
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Coastal Bliss: Discovering The Best Beach-Themed Shower Curtains
Dive into the serene coastal charm with Little Squiffy's exquisite collection of beach-themed shower curtains. From the mesmerizing swirls of marble to the vibrant marine life and soothing mandalas, each design transforms your bathroom into a tranquil beachside retreat. Embrace the bright, beachy vibes, nautical elegance, and tropical allure, ensuring every shower feels like a dip in the ocean. Experience the ultimate in coastal-inspired decor and turn your bathroom into a haven of relaxation and beauty with Little Squiffy's unique range.
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Cartoon Dinosaurs Personalised Blue Squiffy Minky Blanket


Our Children add a light to everyone they come in contact with. Their imagination is something to truly be amazed by. If your daughter loves riding around the backyard pretending to be a unicorn, she will love our Unicorn Magic Range. Or if she’s outgrown fairy gardens and needs a teenage dream bedroom make over our Fuchsia Marble Quilt Cover will mature any space and show just how grown up she is becoming. 

With every new life born a new name must first be chosen. Our name is something to be celebrated, be it at first breath, at a naming day celebration or each month watching your adorable baby’s first year. We can help you wrap up that tiny bundle in our Heart Script Name Baby Blanket. Record your babies Birth details on out Birth Detail Elephant Blanket, or create an amazing naming day blanket with our Dirt Bike Personalised Blanket. Your handsome baby boy will dazzle every eye he meets in our Cartoon Dinosaur Perosnalised Minky Blanket. They will look so adorable even we will want to celebrate them with you! 

Boys will be boys and we know you wouldn’t want them any other way. We have a design for every new craze they latch on to, from cheeky toddlers to energetic teens. From their love of dump trucks with our Under Construction Personalised Blanket to their very first basketball game with their Slam Dunk BasketBall Blanket we know you’ll enjoy redesigning their bedroom each time they find a new hobby.  

With a smooth check out process, secure payment methods to choose from and our talented design team, you’ll be able to create unique gifts for every sweet child with confidence. 

We Squeezed It Tight Cushion Cover


Nothing says I love you more than time together and hugs, all the hugs. Our gorgeous soft fluffy We Hugged This Blanket is the perfect way to show Grandma or Nanna more hugs than you can ever possibly manage, it will be like you’re spending time together even when you’re forced to be apart. Get the kids to wrap that blanket up in sweet warm hugs and send it to grandma to brighten her day with endless grandbaby hugs. It will be the most treasured gift she will ever receive… Well after those precious grandbabies of course. And if grandpa needs one too we have that covered with our Family Names Personalised Blanket

With our massive range of personalised designs there is truly something for every occasion. Our Naming Day Personalised Blanket Range for welcoming that new baby bundle of joy, our Love Heart With Names Quilt Cover for mum on her special day, or our This Amazing Dad Personalised Blanket for dad this father's day, our When Life Knocks You Down Wolf Sherpa Blanket for your Daughter as she ventures the world without you by her side, or this Extreme Motocross Personalised Doona Cover for the world best son as he’s breaking records on the dirt track, or our Pet Name & Paw Personalised Minky Blanket so even the dog can be spoilt. We truly have a design for every member of the family, even the ones we handpick to become family.  

Here at Little Squiffy we know how absolutely important every member of your family truly is to you. With each blanket we carefully design and create for you, to gift to your loved ones, you too join our family, and we believe that family deserve the best. That’s why we only pick the best designs to add to our Personalised Range.

Great Barrier Reef Turtle Quilt cover set


We have carefully created each design with flare and care knowing each customer is truly unique and as is their home!  With thousands of designs to choose from there is something for every décor trend and every vision. 

Create a beach tranquillity in your bathroom and add our Blue Turtles Shower Curtain and enjoy the sounds of crashing waves while admiring the majestic Turtle. Finish off the space by bringing the beach to you with our Cossie Beach Shower Curtains. Your mind, body and soul will never feel more relaxed. 

Bring the outdoors into your bedroom, with our Native Australia Collection, enjoy the sounds of Kookaburra’s laughing with our Aussie Kookaburra Quilt Cover, the snores of a sweet sleeping Wombat with our Dusk Til Dawn Wombat Sherpa Blanket or Cuddle up with the worlds cutest Koala with our Aussie Koala Quilt Cover. It will be just like camping but without the mozzies. 

It is important to wake up every day refreshed and revitalised. Starting each day with new life in your step. Our Tree Of Life Quilt Cover, will help start each day with a new zest for life and a beautiful reminder that life truly is sacred.  

Waking up refreshed and revitalised each day adds a vibrant spring to your step. Our Butterfly Burst Quilt Cover is designed to infuse your mornings with energy and inspiration. Adorned with a dynamic display of colourful butterflies, it serves as a beautiful reminder of the ever-present beauty and renewal in life. Start each day enveloped in this zestful design, ready to embrace life's wonderful moments.