Choosing Between Inside or Outside: Where to Place Your Shower Curtain

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Deciding Where to Place Your Shower Curtain


Deciding whether to place the shower curtain inside or outside the bathtub can depend on personal preference and practical considerations. Here are some factors to consider:

Inside the Tub

Placing the shower curtains inside the bathtub is more common. This helps to keep water from splashing out onto the bathroom floor during showering. It also allows the curtain to hang freely inside the tub without obstructing airflow or getting in the way.

Outside the Tub

Some people prefer to position the shower curtain outside the bathtub. This can create a more spacious feel in the shower area and may make it easier to access the tub for cleaning or maintenance. However, this setup may result in water splashing onto the floor, especially if the curtain is not securely attached to the wall or floor.


Ultimately, the choice between placing the shower curtain inside or outside the bathtub is a matter of personal preference and what works best for your specific bathroom layout and usage habits. Experiment with both configurations to see which one you prefer.