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  • February 6, 2024 SANRISA POCO SAN PTY LTD

    Benefits Of Anti Pill Peach Skin Fabric

    Our anti-pill peach skin fabric is renowned for its versatility, offering a superior choice for home textiles. It provides unparalleled softness and durability, perfect for crafting luxurious quilt cover sets, plush pillowcases, and stylish cushion covers. This fabric ensures long-lasting comfort and aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal choice for enhancing the elegance and coziness of any bedroom.
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  • January 18, 2024 SANRISA POCO SAN PTY LTD

    Find Your Perfect Fit: The Ultimate Guide to Our Range

    The guide on Little Squiffy's website offers a comprehensive size chart for quilt cover sets, catering to various standards such as Australia/New Zealand, UK/European Union, and USA. It includes sizes from Cot to Super King, providing a detailed breakdown for different regions. The guide also highlights other products like cushion covers, plush sherpa blankets, hooded blankets, and more, ensuring customers find the perfect fit for their needs​.
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