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Wrap Yourself in the Spirit of the Aussie Outback with Little Squiffy's Animal-Themed Blankets

G'day, mates! When you think of Australia, what springs to mind? Is it the sun-drenched beaches, the rugged outback, or perhaps the laid-back lifestyle? For many of us, though, it's our unique and downright fascinating wildlife that truly defines the Aussie experience. From the curious kangaroo to the cuddly koala, and the mischievous cockatoo to the mysterious platypus, our native animals are icons of the land Down Under. And now, thanks to the folks at Little Squiffy, you can bring a bit of that true blue Aussie charm into your home with their stunning range of Australian animal-themed blankets. So, let's have a squiz at some of the beaut blankets we've got on offer, each one a soft and cosy tribute to our beloved Australian fauna.

The Must-Haves from Little Squiffy's Collection

1. Aussie Cockatoo Blanket

First off the bat is the Cockatoo Blanket, a nod to the cheeky bird that's as Aussie as vegemite on toast. This blanket's as vibrant and full of character as the cockatoos themselves, perfect for brightening up any room.
Cockatoo Plush Sherpa Blankets Cockatoo Blanket

2. Aussie Echidna Blanket

Next, we have the Echidna Blanket, paying homage to our spiky little mate, the echidna. It's a unique creature and this blanket captures its essence perfectly, making for a cosy and intriguing addition to your home.

Aussie Echidna Plush Sherpa Blankets Aussie Echidna Blanket

3. Cockatoo Blanket

Here's another tribute to our feathered larrikin, the cockatoo. This blanket's got a bit more of a close-up view, letting you get personal with one of Australia's most charismatic birds. It's like having a mate to yarn with on those cool evenings.

4. Aussie Sugar Glider Blanket

Float into dreamland with the Sugar Glider Blanket. These little critters are the daredevils of the Australian bush, gliding from tree to tree, and this blanket captures their adventurous spirit in the softest way possible.

5. Aussie Dingo Blanket

Get a bit of the wild Australian outback with the Dingo Blanket. It's a homage to our iconic wild dog, known for roaming the vast and varied landscapes of Oz. This one's for the wild at heart, bringing a touch of untamed beauty to your home.

6. Aussie Pelican Blanket

The Aussie Pelican Blanket is as serene as a still morning by the water, watching these graceful birds glide by. It's a piece that brings a sense of calm and tranquillity, perfect for those moments of reflection or a lazy Sunday arvo nap.

7. Aussie Quokka Blanket

Can't get to Rottnest Island? No worries! The Quokka Blanket brings the world's happiest animal right to you. This blanket's guaranteed to put a smile on your dial with its depiction of the cheerful quokka, a true Aussie icon.

8. Aussie Platypus Blanket

Dive into the mysterious life of the platypus with this unique blanket. As one of the most enigmatic creatures roaming our rivers, the Platypus Blanket is for those who appreciate the quirky side of nature.

9. Aussie Cassowary Blanket

The Cassowary Blanket is as bold and striking as the bird itself. Known for its vivid colours and formidable presence, this blanket brings a bit of the tropical rainforest's mystery and majesty into your home.

10. Tasmanian Devil Blanket

Last but not least, wrap yourself in the spirit of Tasmania with the Devil Blanket. This little nocturnal creature might have a fearsome name, but it's an essential part of our Aussie fauna. The blanket is a tribute to the rugged wilderness of Tasmania and the resilience of its most famous inhabitant.

Wrap Up: Bringing The Aussie Wilderness Into Your Home

So there you have it, folks! A grand tour of Little Squiffy's ripper collection of Aussie animal-themed blankets. Whether you're after something to keep you warm on a chilly night, a unique piece to show off your Aussie pride, or simply a way to bring a touch of the Australian wilderness into your living space, these blankets tick all the boxes. They're not just blankets; they're a cuddle from the heart of Australia, a reminder of the beauty and spirit of our wild and wonderful land.

Each blanket from Little Squiffy is a testament to the incredible wildlife we share this country with. So, why not snag one for yourself or as a prezzie for a mate overseas? It's a way to wrap yourself or someone you love in the warmth and wonder of the Aussie outback, no matter where in the world you might be.

Remember, supporting local is what keeps the spirit of our country alive and thriving. By choosing a Little Squiffy blanket, you're not just getting a piece of home decor; you're embracing and sharing the essence of what makes Australia truly great. So, crack open the website, have a browse, and find your favourite Australian animal to snuggle up with. Fair dinkum, these blankets are as good as a hug from a koala – and that's saying something!

Cheers, and happy snuggling with your new Aussie mates!

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