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Finding the perfect baby gift can be tricky – new parents are often inundated with baby clothes giving them more than they really need. Instead, why not choose a personalised gift that they can keep forever as a keepsake item? Personalised gifts are a great way of showing that you have put a lot of thought into your gift, showing that you care. A personalised baby blanket is a great present as it is both practical, and can be kept for years to come., which has a great selection, is one of the finest locations to buy high-quality personalised blankets in Australia.

What Makes Little Squiffy Blankets Stand Out?

All the blankets from Little Squiffy are unique – being individually hand cut and sewn. The quality is second to none, with a soft Sherpa lining that brings both warmth and comfort. While offering warmth, the blankets are still lightweight and luxurious, and are made from hypoallergenic material meaning that those with allergies can also enjoy them. The baby blankets are available in between 3 and 5 different sizing options – meaning that you can find one to fit your budget and the space the new parents have in their home. The placement of the designs will vary depending on the size, so that your design is clear and easy to see. Personalising them could not be easier – with options before checking out to ensure that you can get what you are looking for. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of our favourite designs:

Baby Elephant Floral Personalised Blanket

If you are looking for the ultimate girly and floral design, look no further than this baby elephant floral blanket. The design features a beautiful baby elephant in the middle, complete with vibrant eyes and an adorable flower crown. Choose between four types of flowers – from eye catching yellow sunflowers, pink roses, purple roses or tropical blue blooms. The design is completed with a stunning flower border to match the flower crown at the top and bottom to frame the elephant and is personalised with your chosen name in calligraphy underneath the elephant – a truly lovely design. This blanket comes in a choice of three different sizes so you can find the one right for you.

Magical Unicorn Blanket

In recent years, unicorns have been increasingly popular in children’s designs, and we have seen an increase in unicorn clothing and unicorn bedding. So why not add a colourful, magical unicorn blanket into the mix? Available in five different colours – pink, sky blue, pastel pink, purple and midnight purple, this blanket can match any little girl’s room. The unicorn design holds a flower in its mouth and has a multicoloured horn and flowing multicoloured locks of hair that fill the blanket. The unicorn itself is surrounded by stars, with the baby or child’s name added underneath for that truly personal touch.

Cartoon Dinosaurs Blanket

What do kids love more than dinosaurs? So this cartoon dinosaurs blanket is the perfect gift for a little person. The background of this blanket is a lovely dark blue shade, with the back being the soft white Sherpa wool. Bright, colourful and friendly cartoon dinosaurs cover the blanket – some flying, some walking on all fours and some standing on their hind legs – how fun! Interspersed between the dinosaurs are healthy, green leaves that bring the design together. The blanket comes in three different sizes and can be personalised with any name in the centre of the blanket, nestled within the dinosaurs.


Rainbow Stars Blanket

The bright colours of the text and stars against the dark black background of this fluffy blanket really do catch the eye. The rainbow stars blanket includes vibrant blue, pink, green, orange, purple and yellow stars surrounding a beautiful poem in the centre. Above the poem, you can add any personalised name that you like, which appears in the same calligraphy as the rest of the poem. The blanket is backed with Little Squiffy’s classic fluffy white Sherpa to create a truly comforting blanket that can be kept for years to come.

Under Construction Blanket

One of the more boyish designs in the Little Squiffy collection is the fantastic Under Construction blanket, which is construction and builder themed – perfect for babies or kids that love to build things, destroy things and play with trucks and diggers. Bright yellow construction vehicles sit on a dark black background, surrounded by oil spills and centred around an under construction sign. Above this can be personalised with any name, while the blanket is bordered with striking black and yellow hazard tape that makes it really stand out. Available in five different sizes, this blanket is the perfect addition to a future builder’s bedroom!

Under Construction Blanket

Goodnight Unicorn Sherpa Blanket

What do little girls love more than unicorns, sparkly stars, flowers and rainbows? Well, the goodnight unicorn blanket has it all – and is a beautiful addition to any little girl’s room. The delicate, graceful unicorn sits atop a cloud on this fluffy white blanket, with its flowing colourful mane and tail attracting attention. The unicorn is decorated with bright flowers and is pictured in front of a stunning rainbow and star background. Everywhere you look in this design, there is something new to see. Underneath this pretty picture, you can add a name for the perfect personalised gift. The design comes in five different sizes that can fit in any space.

Goodnight Unicorn Blanket

Watercolour Dinosaurs Blanket

Last, but certainly not least on our list is this beautiful, delicate watercolour dinosaur design which comes in five different sizes. The design features a cute cartoon dinosaur that is available in a number of different shades – purple, peach, green and orange. Around the dinosaur are small flowers and a tiny butterfly creating an adorable scene. The baby’s name can be added underneath the dinosaur in beautiful calligraphy that matches the shade of the dinosaur you have selected, making the perfect baby gift. The soft lining makes the blanket both luxurious and comforting and will be great for sleep time.