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Mandala Tapestry: Origin and Definition

Mandala Tapestry: Origin and Definition

Wall tapestries are the most versatile décor you will ever see. Tapestries have a bold way of changing the appearance of a room by adding their vibrant colours to the room. The mandala tapestry is not an exception. They always look great as a wall hanging tapestry or whatever you decide to use it for. 

They are very popular among students, as they often use it as blankets, bed covers, wallpaper, and pillowcases for dorm rooms and first apartments. However, only a few people who purchase mandala tapestry have a general understanding of what it means and what it stands for, some just assume it’s some sort of hippie culture or merely a wall hanging tapestry.  

Mandala Tapestry: Origin and Definition 

A mandala tapestry is a spiritual symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism, and it represents the universe as a whole. 

Mandalas were created as a means of organizing the structures of life. It represents completeness/wholeness, and they are an essential symbol for both Hindus and Buddhists. However, in recent years, more people have been exposed to the mandala world, and for a lot of people, looking at mandala brings them peace, and this is one of the reasons mandala wall hanging tapestries are so famous. 

So, we’ll take a look at what the mandala tapestry means and what it symbolizes. 

Mandala Colours 

In Mandala, colours are highly significant and represent different emotions and energies. 


Red symbolizes strength, passion, high energy. 

Orange symbolizes creativity, self-awareness, and intuition. 

Yellow symbolizes learning, wisdom, laughter, knowledge, and happiness. 

Green symbolizes nature, care, psychic ability, physical healing, good health, and love. 

Blue has a calming effect, and it symbolizes inner peace, tranquillity, meditation, and emotional healing. 

Purple symbolizes all things spiritual 

Black symbolizes mystery and deep thinking. 

Pink symbolizes love. 


The Main Mandala Tapestry Includes; 

Tree of Life: The tree of life on mandala tapestries means life and growth, and each part of the tree has different meanings. 


The root means stability or solid ground, while the leaves represent strength and aspirations. The tree of life is often used to represent human being itself; the root means the past, the trunk means the spine, and the branches mean manifestation. 


Animals: Animals can be used to symbolize several different meanings depending on the animal used. Because animals are universally known regardless of culture and religion, they are widely used in many modern tapestries. 


One popular animal, elephant, symbolizes wisdom. 


Labyrinth: Although the labyrinth design was used for historical traditions by the Greco Romans and Native Americans, the pattern remains popular in today’s tapestry trends. The labyrinth represents a path or journey that ended with a wholeness feeling or enlightenment. 


Sun: Sun is also a universal symbol. Hence, it represents the universe and often means life, vibrancy, energy, and life. 


Heart: Hearts mostly symbolize love and loyalty, but it can also mean life sometimes. 


Flower: Flowers symbolizes growth, blossoming, and thriving. 


Where To Place a Mandala Tapestry in the House

For some good reasons, the mandala is no longer considered a hippie culture. These beautiful artwork are appealing to our love for symmetry and colours, and with various designs and colour combinations, there is always a mandala tapestry for every person. 

While these tapestries can be used in different ways, hanging them on the wall is a great way you and your guests can harness their benefits. Tapestries have long been popular in college dorms, but the market has expanded to include both old and young now. 

Mandalas are truly historic artwork that still captures our attention today, and the spiritualism of these artworks speaks to a deeper depth of ourselves that we rarely acknowledge. Introduce a mandala tapestry to any part of your home today, and bring the comfort, healing, and peace of a mandala into the room you need it in the most.

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