Fluffy Rainbow Unicorn Goodness

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Fluffy Rainbow Unicorn Décor Top Picks 

One of the greatest trends when it comes to rooms with a fantasy theme, or the bedroom of a little girl’s dreams is fluffy rainbow unicorns. This design style features gorgeous rainbow pastel colours combined with soft and comforting textures that welcome you into any room. Unicorns are known for their magical powers and are renowned for being good and pure creatures – a great influence to have in your home. Rainbow colours are often seen alongside unicorns as they are seen to symbolise innocence, carefree happiness, and bliss.

If you are looking to decorate your room with a fluffy rainbow unicorn theme, Little Squiffy have the product range for you – made from high-quality materials for the ultimate comfy, bright and happy feel. Take a look at our top picks to get your creative juices flowing and to help you create a magical sanctuary in your home.


If you are looking for a way to add more colour and texture into your bedroom or living space, creating a soft and comfy space, a blanket is the perfect option. Blankets can be used on top of your normal bedding during the winter months when the weather is cooler but can be removed during the hot summer months. Additionally, they can be draped over sofas or chairs to make them more appealing to sit on. Blankets are great for both warmth and comfort, but they don’t need to cost a fortune.

Our Top Choices For Fluffy Unicorn Blankets in Australia Online

Fluffy Unicorn Blanket – This blanket is the ultimate cosy accessory to add to any room. Made from luxurious faux fur on one side and a soft Sherpa lining on the other, this blanket delivers comfort like no other. Each blanket is individually hand cut and hand sewn and comes in three different sizes to suit your home. Pair this blanket with fluffy unicorn cushions for a comforting bedding look, or drape it over a sofa or chair to create the perfect reading and relaxing corner in your home. The blanket pairs well with décor of the same design, any of the past colours within the fur, or against neutral shades such as black, grey or white to add a pop of colour to a room.

Decorative Pillows

After you have a blanket over a bed or sofa in your room, one of the best décor tips is to add some decorative pillows or cushions over the top for added comfort. If you are creating a unicorn sanctuary, then why not add fluffy unicorn cushions on top of the fluffy unicorn blanket – think how soft and comfortable this will be! If you have a plainer bed cover or blanket that you would like to keep, adding in some unicorn themed cushions is a great way to add some bright colours to your room that you can tie in with other unicorn décor.

Our Top Choices For Fluffy Unicorn Decorative Pillows and Cushions

Our favourite unicorn themed decorative pillowcases come in different sizes depending on what size of cushion you are looking to add them to, but share the same fluffy bright and colourful design:

Fluffy Unicorn Pillowcases – For oblong pillows that are perfect for your bed, this fluffy unicorn design is perfect and will be soft underneath your head as you relax. This can be paired with the fully blanket above for a great cohesive unicorn bedding look.

Fluffy Unicorn Cushion Cover – For more square shaped cushions that can be used on top of bedding, or on chairs and sofas around the room, these cushion covers are an ideal fit. The design comes in two sizes to fit the cushions of your choice, and they can be paired with a number of different fabric colours due to the multicoloured design.

Matching Décor

If you are looking to create an entire unicorn themed room, then matching pieces are the way to do this. Luckily, the team at Little Squiffy have thought of this and have a whole unicorn collection made from the same materials and colours.

Our Top Choices For Fluffy Unicorn Matching Décor Sets

One set in their collection is the Fluffy Unicorn blanket with pillowcases, that allow you to purchase two products in one matching set.  The fluffy blanket is multicoloured on the outside with a plush Sherpa lining, while the pillowcases match this style perfectly.

Floor Mats

A final way to add texture and colour to your home, without redecorating is by using floor mats or rugs. Mats are a great way to reinforce a colourful unicorn theme and can break up a floor that you are not happy with, or think is too dark. They provide visual pathways, guiding the eye and connecting spaces in the room of your choice. Rugs also have an added advantage as well as being great décor pieces – they are also excellent at absorbing sounds. This means that any noise within your child’s room will not travel as far as it would in a room without a rug – perfect for noisy kids playing or if you are looking for a quiet home.


Our Top Choices For Fluffy Unicorn Rugs

Little Squiffy have more than one unicorn floor mat available to match the shape and size of your room:

Fluffy Unicorn Rectangular Mat – Larger rectangular mats are perfect if you have a big floor space to cover. Made with our classic fluffy unicorn faux fur, the rug is comforting and soft under foot. The rectangular rug comes in two different sizes to suit your room and is backed with a non-slip backing to ensure that it stays in place when you walk over it.

Fluffy Unicorn Round Mat – If you are looking to add a touch of unicorn to smaller spaces, this round unicorn mat is the perfect option. Perfect for the middle of any child’s bedroom or to add a splash of colour in your main living area, the mat is great for brightening up dark floors and adding a little magic to the room.