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Bohemian décor is an increasingly popular design choice, with more people choosing it as they are rebelling from modern, lifeless monochromatic design choices. Bohemian design is about freedom, positive energy, colour and culture that celebrates life and comfort. No two bohemian lifestyle themed rooms are the same, as it is all about the individual style. If you are looking to transform your home into a bohemian sanctuary, then one of the best places to start is the bedroom, as this is where you will spend much of your time. Bohemian bedding is comforting, soft and unique, inspiring you to be as creative, free-spirited and passionate in life as possible. Interested in boho themed bedding? Take a look at our top picks to help you start creating the bedroom of your dreams.

Quilt Cover and Duvet Sets

For the perfect bohemian look, a complete matching bedding set is a must. This gives your bed a comfortable but relaxed look that is perfect for a bohemian aesthetic. No matter the colour scheme, there are boho designs that will match. Bedding sets can also be paired with matching cushions or other home décor to help bring the room together.

Our Top Choices For Quilt Cover Sets Australia Online

Bahaman Sea Pink Dreamcatcher Quilt Cover – This calming pale pink quilt set with a simple dreamcatcher design is a great way to create a world of tropical bliss where you can relax and fall asleep. The design is perfect for those looking for a boho themed room with a more muted, plainer colour palette.

Boho Sun And Moon Quilt Cover Set – For a subtle pattern that connects with your spiritual side, look no further than this beautiful sun and moon set. The celestial, simple design is set on a plain white background that matches perfectly with any décor.

Boho Feathers Quilt Cover Set – A brighter quilt set option is this stunning magenta, purple and blue feather set that is both eye-catching and unique. Matching cushions are available to purchase for the ultimate floating feather boho look.

Premium Sherpa Blankets

Blankets are a great way to add an extra layer of luxury and texture to your bedroom or living space. These can be added to the bottom of your bed or used as a throw blanket. Blankets can be used on top of your normal bedding during the winter months when the weather is cooler but can be removed during the hot summer months. Blankets are great for both warmth and comfort, but they don’t need to cost a fortune. Take a look below at some of our favourite designs for a boho lifestyle.

Our Top Choices For Fluffy Blankets Australia Online

Galaxy Wolf Moon Dreamcatcher Sherpa Blanket – For a darker bohemian colour scheme, try this blanket that combines both the majestic wolf with a beautiful dreamcatcher. This stunning design is both soft and eye catching, making it the perfect blanket to display in your room.

Bohemian Horse Hooded Blanket – If you are not looking to display your blanket, but are instead looking for an option that will keep you warm and cosy, Little Squiffy have a series of hooded blankets that you can wear and wrap around you. These soft, comforting blankets come in a number of different designs including this gorgeous horse outlined filled with a mandala design.

Decorative Throw Pillows

After you have a quilt set and blankets on your bed, the finishing touch to any boho lifestyle look is to add a few decorative cushions to add some extra comfort and design to your bed. If your bedding is neutral, then you can brighten it up with colourful patterned pillows that can be changed depending on your mood. If the bedding has a bright boho pattern, then plainer, more neutral cushions would suit best. Changing your cushions is a great way to transform your room on a budget, allowing you to try out different patterns and designs.

Our Top Choices For Decorative Pillows

Galaxy Wolf Moon Dreamcatcher Pillow Covers – For oblong pillows that are perfect for your bed, this dark and mysterious wolf design is perfect. The hypnotic wolf set on top of a simply dreamcatcher design is great as a more masculine design.

Boho Dreamcatcher Cushion Cover – If you are looking for a more traditional boho design, then these square dreamcatcher image with pastel blue and brown feathers is a great choice. Due to its pale background, this design fits with many colour schemes.

Matching Décor

As well as quilts, bedding and blankets for your bed, there are other home décor options that can really help create the perfect boho sanctuary for your bedroom. The boho look is all about freedom and creativity, so if you are looking for a room packed with pattern and colour, go for it! If you are looking for a more calming sanctuary, choose home décor that suits this.

Window Curtains

Curtains are a great way to create a peaceful ambience, and they can be used to dim the lighting in your room to create the perfect relaxation space. For a cohesive bohemian look to fit in with your lifestyle, choose boho themed curtains that match the other fabrics in your room.

Our Top Choices For Boho Themed Curtains

Galaxy Wolf Moon Dreamcatcher Curtain Set – To tie in with some of the other dark wolf designs on our list, these curtains would great for blocking out light and creating the perfect atmosphere for sleeping soundly.

Boho Dreamcatcher Curtain Set – For a lighter, brighter, and more airy feel, this dreamcatcher curtain set looks like it is floating in the wind. Designed to fit with any colour palette, the dreamcatcher design is beautifully feminine and boho at the same time.

Wall Décor

Wall décor is also a great way to add some bohemian wall art to your surroundings, whether this be mandala paintings or intricate tapestries. Tapestries add extra texture to the room and can come in a number of sizes to fit any space.

Our Top Choices For Wall Hanging Tapestry Australia

Bohemian Dreamcatcher Tapestry – For a brightly coloured, spiritual option that will steal the show and perfect any bohemian themed room, look for this beautiful dreamcatcher design which looks like it is floating through the breeze.

Elephant Bohemian Tapestry – Elephants are one of the worlds most majestic animals, so why not celebrate them with this breath taking wall tapestry complete with a colourful mandala design that is sure to match with any colour scheme.

Floor Mats

A final way to add texture to your home is by using rugs. Rugs are a great way to reinforce off your bohemian décor. They provide visual pathways, guiding the eye and connecting spaces in your home. On top of this, they are great for absorbing sounds and can create a feature in your room that is almost like a piece of art itself.

Our Top Choices For Bohemian Floor Mats

Rose Dreamcatcher Mat – Large mats are perfect if you have a big floor space. The rose dreamcatcher mat combines spiritual dreamcatchers with beautiful full pink roses and a mythical unicorn, blended into a stunning design. Set the on a grey background, this mat will match most decors.

Boho Sun and Moon Round Mat – For a smaller space, this round mat is the perfect option. With the subtle and spiritual sun and moon design on a light background, this can brighten up dark floors making the space look more vibrant.