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Trippy And Psychedelic Collection

  • Mary Jane Plush Sherpa Blankets Mary Jane Blanket
    Mary Jane Plush Sherpa Blankets Mary Jane Blanket
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    Mary Jane Blanket

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    Mary Jane Premium Plush Sherpa Blanket Indulge in the Ultimate Comfort Experience Experience unparalleled comfort and warmth with our Premium Plush...

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    From Original Price $74.00
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Welcome to Little Squiffy's Trippy and Psychedelic Collection

Psychedelic Quilt Cover Sets: Dreamscapes in Bedding

Indulge in the surreal with our Psychedelic Quilt Cover Sets. Crafted with premium materials, these sets offer more than just comfort; they are portals to otherworldly realms where dreams and reality intertwine. Available in a range of sizes, from Cot to AU Super King, and beyond, these covers envelop you in a cocoon of trippy elegance.

Weed-themed Cushion Covers: Elevated Comfort

Elevate your lounging experience with our weed-themed cushion covers. Designed to merge comfort with creativity, these covers add a touch of 420-inspired flair to any space. Whether you're relaxing with friends or contemplating the universe solo, these cushions provide the perfect support for your psychedelic adventures.

Psilocybin Blankets: Wrapping Yourself in Magic

Wrap yourself in the enchantment of our Psilocybin Blankets, adorned with mesmerising mushroom patterns. Made from premium materials, these blankets offer more than just warmth; they invite you to journey inward and explore the depths of your consciousness. Choose from the Deluxe Minky or the Squiffy Minky for a truly immersive experience.

Trippy Wall Hanging Tapestry: Art for Altered States

Transform your surroundings with our Trippy Wall Hanging Tapestry. Each tapestry is a masterpiece of psychedelic art, drawing you into a world of kaleidoscopic wonder. Hang it in your space and watch as the boundaries between art and reality dissolve, leaving you immersed in a realm of infinite possibility.

Mary Jane Floor Mats: Stepping into the Groove

Step into the groove with our Mary Jane Floor Mats, designed to infuse any room with a touch of laid-back charm. Available in rectangle and round shapes, these mats are more than just functional; they're statements of style and relaxation. Perfect for enhancing your chill-out space or setting the vibe for your next gathering.

420 Window and Shower Curtains: High Style for Your Home

Elevate your home decor with our 420-themed window and extra-long shower curtains. Featuring bold designs and vibrant colours, these curtains add a pop of psychedelic flair to any room. Whether you're gazing out at the world or indulging in a moment of self-care, these curtains set the scene for elevated experiences.

Mushroom Beach Towels: Fun in the Sun, Psychedelic Style

Make a statement at the beach or by the pool with our Mushroom Beach Towels. These round towels are not just for drying off; they're canvases for self-expression and creativity. Stand out from the crowd and let your psychedelic spirit shine as you soak up the sun in style.

The Trippy and Psychedelic Collection

Each product in Little Squiffy's Trippy and Psychedelic Collection is a testament to our commitment to quality, creativity, and the celebration of individuality. Whether you're seeking to transform your space or expand your consciousness, our collection has something to inspire and delight. Dive in and discover a world of endless possibilities.