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Galaxy Collection

  • Grey Wolf And Pup Plush Sherpa Blankets Galaxy Wolf Blanket
    Grey Wolf And Pup Plush Sherpa Blankets Galaxy Wolf Blanket
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    Galaxy Wolf Blanket

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    Galaxy Wolf Premium Plush Sherpa Blanket Indulge in the Ultimate Comfort Experience Experience unparalleled comfort and warmth with our Premium Plu...

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    From Original Price $74.00
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Discover the Wonders of the Cosmos with Little Squiffy's Captivating Galaxy Collection

Embark on an interstellar voyage with Little Squiffy's Galaxy Range, a mesmerising collection crafted to transform your living space into a cosmic wonderland. Dive into the vast universe as we present the exceptional and breathtaking products available in this celestial collection.

Galaxy Quilt Cover Sets: A Cosmic Dream

Float amongst the stars with the Galaxy Quilt Cover Set. Crafted from genuine microfibre, celebrated for its hypoallergenic features and lasting quality, this set transcends ordinary bedding. It's a cosmic retreat. Available in sizes from Cot to AU Super King, as well as US and UK standard sizes, it caters to diverse bed types, offering universal allure.

Cushion Covers: Stellar Comfort

Introduce a piece of the cosmos to your lounges or bedrooms with star-themed cushion covers. These exquisite pieces merge comfort with elegance, providing a subtle yet impactful homage to the celestial bodies.

Blankets: Cosmic Embrace

Wrap yourself in the comfort of the cosmos with our Premium Plush Sherpa blankets, adorned with starry patterns. Choose between the Deluxe Minky or the Squiffy Minky; each blanket offers a warm embrace and unparalleled comfort, perfect for those cooler nights or relaxing days at home.

Wall Hanging Tapestry: Celestial Beauty

Elevate your space with a Galaxy Wall Hanging Tapestry. It's more than just decoration; it's a manifestation of sophistication and wonder, portraying the majestic allure of the cosmos in an artistic rendition.

Floor Mats: A Step Into the Cosmos

Galaxy-themed floor mats, available in rectangle and round shapes, are the perfect addition to bring the universe into any room. These mats offer a fun and enchanting element, inviting the charm of outer space into your home.

Window and Shower Curtains: Stellar Grace

Complete your cosmic theme with galaxy-designed window and extra-long shower curtains. They are ideal for bringing together the decor in your home, offering a consistent and mesmerising celestial pattern throughout.

Beach Towels: Galactic Style

Make a splash with fashionable, lightweight galaxy-themed round beach towels. More than just for drying off, they celebrate the mystery of the universe, perfect for beach or poolside lounging.

Galaxy Collection

Each piece in Little Squiffy's Galaxy Range is a testament to quality and creativity, merging functionality with a profound admiration for the cosmos. This collection is essential for anyone wishing to infuse their home with the beauty and mystery of the galaxy.