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Fluffy Shaggy Blankets Collection

Cosy Fluffy Blankets for Sale Online

Snuggle up under our best-selling multicoloured fluffy shaggy blanket collection that is perfect to brighten up any room and keep you cosy and warm. All of our fluffy shaggy blanket collection is handsewn and individually made from faux fur and a premium plush lining, giving you the softest, more comfortable feeling.

Our multicoloured fluffy blankets are available in a number of different sizes – from smaller cot blankets to medium-sized blankets for couches and prams, to large blankets for your bed. The colourful unicorn décor includes fluffy pillows in colourful unicorn shades – meaning that you can have matching bright cushions and blankets.

Fluffy Blankets and Cushions from Australia to the world

We are a proud Australian brand that ships our fluffy unicorn blankets around the world. Our team consist of graphic designers and textile experts that collaborate to help create our fluffy unicorn décor. Our fluffy blankets and cushions are made from high-quality fabrics that are hand-sewn and expertly manufactured, we can help turn your dream bedroom into a reality.

Individual Style to Match Your Individual Taste

Taking inspiration from mythical unicorns, our experts bring our unicorn décor to life so that you can display them in your home. Our unicorn bedroom décor gives you the chance to reinvent your space every season with quality statement pieces. So why not transform your space today with Little Squiffy Designs?