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Galaxy Wolf Moon Dreamcatcher Range

Unveil the Mystique with Little Squiffy's Galaxy Wolf Moon Dreamcatcher Range


Listen to the soft howling of the wolf as it comes into view with the moon hanging brightly in the skyline. Make your nights as soothing as the calm galaxy dimly lit by twinkling stars far on the horizon. With a dreamcatcher filtering your dreams at night, your mornings will be nothing but full of sunshine.

Galaxy Wolf Moon Dreamcatcher Quilt Cover Sets: Slumber under the Stars

Drift into a peaceful sleep with the Aussie Koala Quilt Cover Set. Made from real microfibre, known for its hypoallergenic properties and durability, this set is more than just bedding. It's a sanctuary. Available in a range of sizes from Cot to AU Super King, as well as US and UK standard sizes, it suits a variety of beds, ensuring a universal appeal.

Cushion Covers: Cosmic Comfort

Infuse a celestial touch into your living spaces with our Galaxy Wolf Moon Dreamcatcher-themed cushion covers. These pieces are a seamless blend of comfort and cosmic elegance, offering a subtle yet profound tribute to the mystique of the night sky and the spirit animal that roams it.

Blankets: Wrap Yourself in Celestial Warmth

Immerse in the warmth of the cosmos with our Premium Plush Sherpa blankets, adorned with captivating Galaxy Wolf Moon Dreamcatcher patterns. Choose between the Deluxe Minky or the Squiffy Minky, each promising a cocoon of celestial comfort and warmth, ideal for those crisp evenings or serene days spent in contemplation.

Wall Hanging Tapestry: A Portal to the Cosmos

Transform your space into a cosmic sanctuary with a Galaxy Wolf Moon Dreamcatcher Wall Hanging Tapestry. This isn't just décor; it's a gateway to the universe, an artistic rendition that captures the enigmatic beauty of the night sky and the lone wolf's spirit.

Floor Mats: Tread the Cosmic Wild

Step onto the mystical ground with our Galaxy Wolf Moon Dreamcatcher-themed floor mats, available in rectangle and round shapes. These mats are a whimsical and enchanting addition, inviting the cosmic wilderness into your abode

Window and Shower Curtains: Drape Your Space in Stars

Complete your celestial theme with Galaxy Wolf Moon Dreamcatcher-designed window and extra-long shower curtains. They are the perfect elements to unify your décor, enveloping every corner of your home in the dreamy, starlit patterns of the cosmos.

Beach Towels: Lounge under the Cosmic Canopy

Embrace the heavenly bodies with our stylish, lightweight Galaxy Wolf Moon Dreamcatcher-themed round beach towels. They're not just for drying; they're a celebration of the universe, perfect for a day spent basking under the sun or beside the pool, under the watchful eyes of the cosmos.

Galaxy Wolf Moon Dreamcatcher Collection

Every piece in Little Squiffy's Galaxy Wolf Moon Dreamcatcher Range is a testament to quality craftsmanship and artistic design, merging functionality with a profound reverence for the celestial wonders. This collection is an essential for anyone yearning to infuse their living space with the mystery and beauty of the cosmos. Explore the range at Little Squiffy and let the cosmic journey begin.