Personalised Perfection: 10 Blanket Styles Teens Will Adore

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Personalised Perfection: 10 Blanket Styles Teens Will Adore

At Little Squiffy, we understand that your teen's room is their sanctuary, a place where their personality shines the brightest. That's why we've curated a collection of personalised blankets that are not just cozy but also echo their unique style and interests. Let's dive into our top 10 blanket styles that your teen will absolutely adore:

Flashing Stars Personalised Blanket: Illuminate their nights with the twinkle of our Flashing Stars Blanket. It's perfect for teens who dream big and shine bright.

Name Heart Script Personalised Blanket: Simplicity meets elegance in this lovely design, featuring their name in a beautiful script, enclosed in a heart. It's a sweet reminder of your love for them, every time they snuggle up.

Rainbow Stars Personalised Blanket: Bring a burst of colour and joy into their space with the vibrant Rainbow Stars Blanket. It's like wrapping themselves in a cheerful hug!

Motocross Personalised Blanket: For the thrill-seekers and sports enthusiasts, our Motocross Blanket is the ticket to revving up their room's style, matching their adventurous spirit.

Naming Day Personalised Blanket: Celebrate their uniqueness with our Naming Day Blanket. It's a personal and meaningful gift that marks the day they graced the world with their presence.

Paint Font Name Personalised Blanket: Unleash their inner artist with this creatively designed blanket, featuring their name in a bold and vibrant paint font style.

Game Over Personalised Blanket: For the gaming aficionados, this blanket brings a piece of their passion into their personal haven, ensuring they stay cozy during those gaming marathons.

Kids Name Personalised Blanket: Classic and timeless, this blanket is a perfect match for any teen's room, offering comfort and style with a personal touch.

Fire Unicorn Personalised Blanket: Step into a realm of magic and mystique with our Fire Unicorn Blanket, a fantastic pick for those enchanted by the mythical and the mystical.

Unicorn Rainbow Personalised Blanket: Enchant their space with the whimsical charm of our Unicorn Rainbow Blanket, a delightful blend of magic, colour, and coziness.


At Little Squiffy, we're all about adding that personal touch to your teen's world. Each of these blankets is crafted with care and personalised to perfection, ensuring your teen feels special, understood, and incredibly comfy. Choose the design that resonates with their personality and watch them wrap themselves in the warmth of your love and the uniqueness of their own story. Because at Little Squiffy, we believe that every teen deserves a blanket that's as unique and wonderful as they are!