Personalised Mothers Day Blankets 2024

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Are you fed up with the boring, conventional goods you come across online? Are you looking for a gift with a more personalised touch for a motherly figure in your life? Look no further than Little Squiffy. Little Squiffy provides personalised gifts that mean the present has been specially chosen by you – demonstrating your thoughtfulness and how much you care.

A personalised blanket is a wonderful, comfortable present that the recipient will cherish for years. It offers a personalised gift option that doesn’t look tacky and is extremely versatile., which has a great selection, is one of the finest locations to buy high-quality personalised blankets in Australia and the brand also strips worldwide.

What Makes Little Squiffy Blankets Stand Out?

Due to each blanket being uniquely hand cut and sewed, Little Squiffy's blankets are all one of a kind. With a plush Sherpa lining that provides warmth and comfort, the quality is unmatched. The blankets are composed of hypoallergenic material, making them comfortable for people with allergies while yet being lightweight and opulent. The blankets come in 5 various sizes, ranging from cot size to one that is ideal for a king-sized bed. Depending on the size, the design will be placed on the blanket so that it is clearly visible. The process of personalising them is made simple by the options available before you complete the checkout process – allowing you to add names to the blanket, leading to a truly unique gift. Let’s take a look at some of our team’s favourite designs:

We Love You Personalised Blanket

First up on our list is the “We Love You” personalised blanket. This beautiful floral, soft pink blanket. The pale pink shade is the ultimate feminine shade that is loved by Mums the world over. In the centre of the blanket, you can personalize the name – making this perfect for any motherly figure whether it be Mum, Step mum, Gran or simply just their name. The name, written in beautiful calligraphy writing, is surrounded by an ornate gold frame and exquisite flowers including lush pink roses, and tall purple and white stems, framing the image perfectly. The Sherpa fur from the back of the blanket can be seen around the side, with the bright white shade pairing amazingly with the pale pink. This is the perfect blanket to convey how you feel so that your mum knows that you care.

World’s Best Mum Personalised Blanket

To really show your mum you care, why not order the “World’s Best Mum” blanket to show her how much she means to you. Set on a dark background, this colourful design is bold and eye-catching. The colourful writing is in a number of different pastel shades including lilac, pink, yellow, green and orange, and it is framed with stars and swirls at the top and bottom edge of the blanket. At the side of the design is two love hearts that really show that you care, and as usual, the blanket is fleece lined with the highest quality Sherpa material. The blanket can be personalised with any name or relative and is a gift that they will love receiving.

Cancer Awareness Personalised Blanket

There are many families around the world that have been affected by cancer – with many types of cancer disproportionately impacting women. If your motherly figure is currently going through a difficult time with their cancer treatment, this personalised blanket is a thoughtful gift that will let them know they are not alone.  The “Cancer Awareness” Personalised Blanket features the famous cancer pink ribbon is the central feature of this blanket and stands out as it is set on a black background. The blanket can be personalised with the names of those who are giving the gift, and there is a heart-warming message of support, letting your mum know that they are not alone in this fight. Not only is it a gift that your mum will appreciate and cherish forever, but it is a comfort that they can use when in the hospital or receiving treatment to keep them both warm and cosy. The Sherpa fleece lining is gentle on the skin and gives your mum a soft hug during a hard time. Sometimes the greatest gift is your love and support.

We Hugged This Personalised Blanket

Next up on our Mother’s Day list is the wonderful "We Hugged This" blanket, which is a kind present for your mum if you might not get to see her as frequently as you'd like. A charming poem that is part of the blanket offers a sweet story about the gift-giver cuddling the blanket and extending their love to the recipient. This blanket is adorned around the side with colourful, feminine flowers with blooms in cool pink shades, vibrant purples and healthy green leaves. It can be personalised with any name or title (e.g. Mum or Step mum). The blanket may also be personalised with the giver's name, whether that be just one person or several, making it the ideal present for any relative. Available in five different sizes, with a main neutral tone to fit in with any room décor, this blanket is perfect for any motherly figure in your life.

Little Shits Personalised Blanket

The "Little Shits" blanket by Little Squiffy is ideal for people with a sense of humour. This vibrant pattern stands out against the dark background. Select the name you want to appear at the top, and then type the names of the loved ones you want to appear beneath the vibrant cartoon "shits" with unicorn horns. The graphics are whimsical, and the typography is amusing and fairytale-like. The blanket comes in five different sizes ranging from cot size to large enough to cover a king-sized bed.

This blanket is ideal for a parent or grandparent who loves their children or grandchildren unconditionally despite the fact that they drive them crazy! We are confident that when they get this present, your loved one will laugh out loud.